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Optima Batteries

Optima Battery Plymouth

Optima Batteries Plymouth


Often fitted to American manufacturer's vehicles like Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge etc. We can provide the identical batteries that are fitted in the factory for a fraction of the price charged by the manufacturers.


Optima Batteries are extremely powerful and durable and can fit on a variety of other vehicles so if you require the absolute best battery available for extreme long-life and reliability under even the most stressful conditions we can supply it for you.


We will fit the battery if you require and our fitting service is absolutely free of charge.


Optima YellowTop is made to install and forget. No matter the conditions, be it dampness, heat, dirt or exposure to extremes in vibration or regular discharge, it is guaranteed to deliver uninterrupted power throughout the entire discharge cycle. Its capacity to maintain high voltage during the discharge cycle means that you can take advantage of a larger part of the stored power in the Optima compared to ordinary batteries. This is all thanks to Optima's SpiralCell Technology, which combines the advantages of a starter battery with those of a deep cycle battery. The YellowTop will provide many more charge and discharge cycles when compared to the traditional lead acid batteries often used. It is also ideal for seasonal use because of its very low self-discharge rate.


Optima's YellowTop last up to twice as long as traditional batteries, so if you rely on your vehicle to earn a living, you demand consistent high performance from all the parts you put into it. Unexpected downtime due to a battery failure can waste time and money and put you behind schedule. Optima YellowTop batteries are made to endure the extremes of commercial, heavy duty use and keep you moving.

Non-spillable and maintenance free Optima batteries are completely sealed and maintenance free, providing a solution for applications where flexibility in mounting is needed.

Optima batteries, incorporating patented SPIRALCELL Technology, are still performing strong long after traditional batteries have died. Even after extended accessory use, you'll still have plenty of power to keep things going.



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