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Frequently Asked Questions


- Is there a charge for testing or fitting?
No, testing and fitting are absolutely free of charge.


- How long does it take?
Usually only a few minutes, obviously if we encounter rusted or siezed parts it could take a little longer.


- What level of experience do your staff possess?
All of our current staff have been in the battery business for years and are fully trained in testing all kinds of batteries and fitting them to the vast majority of vehicles. They can help with radio keycodes, immobiliser codes, alarms and many other common problems we encounter when replacing batteries.


- What does the guarantee cover?
You are covered against a faulty battery, if a fault develops we will replace the battery immediately. If the battery is just flat due to lack of use or something being left on we will recharge it for you and lend you a battery for free until yours is recharged.


- What should I do if my car won't start?
Firstly, try to get it going with a jump start, ask for help if you don't have the leads or another battery or powerpack. If you can't manage it yourself, phone your roadside assistance company and just get the vehicle going so that you can get it to our shop. If this isn't an option, you'll need to remove the battery and bring that to us. Once you have got your car or your battery to our shop we will take care of everything.


- Why would my battery be flat if it isn't faulty?
A flat battery can be caused by many things; lights left on, interior lights left on, faulty starter, faulty alternator, an electrical short, loose or damaged connections to the battery terminals, vehicle out of use or under-used for extended periods.... just to name a few. We can tell the difference between a faulty or flat battery and replace or recharge it as necessary.


- Do I need to make an appointment?
No, just come to the shop at your convenience.


- Can I park close to your shop?
Yes there is usually ample free parking space right outside the shop front, the busiest times of day are the school starting and finishing times. If it is busy just park as near as you can and we will come to you.


- Will I have to wait?
Rarely are we so busy that you would have to wait more than a few minutes, we normally have enough staff to make sure you are seen immediately.


- Have another question?
Click here to ask us a question directly.



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